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 Koi Kichi!!!

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PostSubject: Koi Kichi!!!   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:02 pm

Koi Kichi...CRAZY for Koi pirat pirat pirat

Joining a Koi Club: What It Can Do for You; What You Can Do for It

Joining a koi club can help you by giving you immediate access to people who probably know a lot more about koi-keeping than you do (and some are even crazier about koi than you are). When something goes wrong, you have people right there to help you ID the problem and suggest ways to correct it. If your liner springs a leak or you have a radical problem with your pond on a Sunday afternoon, koi club members rally around with their show ponds, extra filters, and aerators to safely house your pets until you can get your big pond operational again. That kind of support means a lot.

At the meetings, you gain all sorts of valuable insight. For example:

 You can painlessly get the information you need — or soon discover you need — in a convivial atmosphere.

 You get insider information such as who’s upgrading their ponds and selling their old filter systems because they’re too small for a 20,000-gallon pond. (How big is that? A bit larger than 25 x 25 feet.) You also get the inside scoop on who’s ready and willing to make a koi trade.

 You can find out when and where the shows are so you can see for yourself that those show koi certainly aren’t any
prettier than yours.

 You get a heads-up on breaking news such as a new disease or new legislation, both of which can be destructive. When the news first came out about koi herpes virus (KHV), which is both highly communicable and deadly for koi, the clubs were first to spread the word. They also provided ongoing funding for research and set up more effective quarantine protocols.

Idea Idea Idea

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Koi Kichi!!!
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