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PostSubject: KAAGI.....   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:02 am

when i was looking for something in our garage this morning. i wasn't expecting to find this pictures taken way back 1998 i guess, which reminds me on my first DIY pond...about 12x2x1 koi & fish pond...

i had about 5 varieties of kois, 2 of which kohaku, a yamabuki ogon... about 15inches kois...a very mature male tiger convict and 2 tiger oscars within the collections... i've know before that keeping together this varieties was not compatible for the reason that tiger convict are highly teritorial... but came to surprised, all were peacefully set like to be a community fish tanks...

it was about 3 DIY Trapal Ponds i got, most of which don't had the filtration system... before that i really don't know the b barrel filtration yet or of any kind of filtration... only in my mind was as long as i have an aerator pump... everything will be okay... nevertheless also pop up in my mind i can change water at interval every 14days....

most of my collections was live bearers fishes... to include of course... the fish for beginners... MOLLIES (black, silver, albino, marble, chocolate, metallic & the worst of all if it will crossed breed the what so called "COBRA" molly... (LOL i really don't know yet why until now... who named it...literally its common name was ALBOBOT.. haha)), the every aquarium enthusiast favorites SWORDTAILS (apple, toxido, green, apple-toxido, double, triple, red eye, kohako- crossed breed silver mollies with red eye...) PLATTIES also crowds favorites... the fireblaze platty, the balloon platty (which molies cultures as well), red platty, blue moon platty (all of which unique lesser number of live bearing fry unlike the others) GUPPY... grass guppy, double tails, black, etc. ( really more kinds but i am not used to raise them because as i've observed... "guppy eats tails" just like zebras (the blue & pink stipes either hi fins or not)... also i had sections for my very favorite of all the GOLD DUST and ZEBRA which that time half of its body was black the other half was gold witd glitters around its head... (not to be suprised as i remembered i purchased my first every breeders in one of the first petshop here in GenSan as i recall, it was from Singapore breed... although those pesos i've spent the value in now will be higher... it was a worth while for i have known for it before.. able to breed, raised, sell at breeders price.. produce about 500pcs a month... (of course with the help of my brother which also like this stuff)... but so much of it...

then onward i move on the next thing the bettas (also of of the most hard to raise- as well as to a successful breed)... a year after i've stop.. then ultimately concentrate koi... koi... and not as i embraced its beauty... i could say that there was a great mistery in koi keeping, the koi itself, i can't really explain & put it in words...its just i like keeping it....maybe it could be a good investment in the near future... but behind its returns... there was...

up to now new journey....again with koi keeping

green pond with my first ever koi fries... & set up tank for breeding...

(pasensya na sa english.... haha lol)

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