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 kaluoy sa tuko

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PostSubject: kaluoy sa tuko   Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:37 pm



Tokay gecko, the second largest gecko known are a beautiful addition to any herpetologists collection. Tokay geckos are named after the bark they make. The Tokay gecko is pretty easy to keep as a pet.I would not recommend them for a child though. Some basic guidelines for keeping your Tokay geckos healthy and happy.

The Tokay gecko or "Gekko gecko" is a lizard thats natural range is found from northeast India to southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Andamans, the Philippines, and much of Indonesia. They have also been introduced to some tropical and sub-tropical regions such as southern Florida.

Most Tokay geckos are a steely, bluish grey with orange, rusty colored spots.There are some nice morphs available. They generally grow to about 12-14 inches long. Females tend to be a little shorter. Tokay's are an arboreal species that will climb everything, including glass, and are edificial tending to hide in crevices.

Tokay geckos are cold-blooded and nocturnal or night creatures.This is when you will see most of thier activity and you may hear them sing as they do!

The typical lifespan of a tokay gecko in the wild is 7 years.


Tokay Gecko as a cure for AIDS?

The existence of venereal disease AIDS (Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is still a frightening and deadly disease for humans, because it attacks without considering age, sex and gender. The disease attacks immune system that makes people who have AIDS become weaker and diminished their immunity. This disease is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Till these days, scientists are racing to find a cure for AIDS sufferers. Some medicines can only work to prevent or weaken the virus without killing the virus, so it is only about time that the virus will attack AIDS victims. Anti Retro Viral (ARV) is one drug to slow the spread of this virus. But there is news out there that saying the Tokay Gecko can be a cure for AIDS, but so far there is no specific research on this subject but many people have believe that this lizard really can cure AIDS.

Tokay Gecko is a kind of big lizard with uneven skin surface, because of its strange and frightening look it has been overlooked until the cure news spread, but in some remote areas there is some belief that makes people in the remote area consume it as food to increase libido and to cure skin allergies.

From healthy science industry itself, so far there is no official study or research to examine about the efficacy of geckos as AIDS treatment, we all aware that trust and belief in what you consume in one hand is very important in treatment of disease, but medical proof in the other hand is necessary to test the efficacy and content in Tokay Geckos as the cure of AIDS.


Tokay Gecko Price : GEKKO GECKO

Tokay Gecko Price - The typical current prices for Tokay geckos are as follows:

300 grams : RM 25000
400 grams : RM 80000
500 grams : RM 200000
600 grams : RM 500000
800 grams : RM 800000
Above 1000 grams approximately RM1 million.



...maski makwartahan unta ang tuko... maubos man sad sa WILD

nalouy gyud q sa mga tuko for sale--- just for MONEY?

yes tinoud nga complement gyud ang KWARTA sa KINABUHI... MASKI aq, IKAW!!! og UBAN pa!!!! KINSA ba DILI GANAHAN og KWARTA???

.. apan unta maghinay hinay lang ang mga hunters palihog... huhu basin dili na makit an ang nga TOKAY GECKO dia sa atong country...

HINAOT unta makaREALIZE sila ni ani... nga may ECO-SYSTEM ang mga hayop nato... if this matter will continue... make BELIEVE na dili mo BALANCES and NATURE.... soon it will one of the DANGERED SPECIES ..................................DEFINITELY EXTINCT ................. hantod PICTURE na LANG................................. Sad Sad Sad

PRO! q sa DISCOVER sa nga NEW MEDICINE AGAINST AIDS HIVS og uban pa... pero unta magCULTURE na lang ang mga MANUFACTURER niani...

hinaot unta nga GOVENMENT will TAKE actions in this matter... MASKI ORDINARY CITIZEN of the PHILIPPINES... WE CAN MAKE IT STOP!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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kaluoy sa tuko
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